Wednesday, June 16, 2010

First Knitting Lessons Went Well :)

Today, I taught two knitting students, and it went very well!

One thing took me by surprise: One of the students is left-handed! I've never tried left-handed knitting before, but we figured it out. It took a LOT of thought for me to understand it and show the correct steps.

When the lesson was over, they both knew how to cast on, do the knit stitch, and how to bind off. We made a tiny napkin ring for them to keep, and got started making Hula Hand Puppets. I gave them enough yarn to finish the hand puppets this week. I was happy to hear the left-handed student tell her mom that I was a good teacher. Yay!

This afternoon, I spent a couple hours looking for left-handed knitting videos online. I found some great ones!

Cast on and Knit:

Cast on and Knit Continental:


Purl Continental:

Drop Stitch Scarf:

So, now I am practicing knitting left-handed. I've cast on and knit 3 rows so far, and now my brain feels different! I'm an old dog, but I'm learning new tricks now. :)


Tracie said...

Way to go Sandy! I wish you could have taught me to knit- I am certain you are a FABULOUS teacher!

Robin said...

I'm left-handed. When I learned to knit, I decided to just learn right handed. You are learning a new skill anyway and it's going to be awkward no matter what your dominate hand. I think it would be much harder to have to convert patterns later than just learn right handed. Anyway, that's just my two cents worth. I hope your students stick with it and fall in love with knitting.

Shandeh said...

Thanks Tracie! You're always so encouraging. :)

Robin, I've always felt that way too. But, this girl has already been trying to knit left-handed, so I didn't want to discourage her. I sure am glad I found the left-handed videos!

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