Monday, June 14, 2010

Teaching Kids to Knit

This week, I'll be teaching knitting lessons to some smart girls I know. They are excited, and so am I! For the past few months, I've been reading books, watching videos, and searching online for everything about teaching kids to knit. I've also been gathering all the supplies and yarn I'll need, and printing out copies of free beginner knitting patterns. Now, I'm knitting samples of some of the designs, so my students will see what the finished items should look like.

All of my research was worth it. I found LOTS of knitting patterns that are perfect for beginning knitters. Here are the patterns I'll be sharing for the first lesson. We won't be making all of them, of course. But, I will give them copies of the printed out patterns, because they will have all the skills they need to make any of them after just one lesson! :)

Beginner Knitting Patterns:

Ponytail Scrunchie


Bean Bag

Simple Ball

Can Cozy

Hula Hand Puppet

Thick Washcloth

And if any of my students learn simple shaping and the purl stitch, I'll share these designs with them as well:

Cosmetic Bag

Seed Stitch Headband

Quick Knit Potholder

I hope the class goes well!

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