Sunday, May 27, 2007

Gotta Touch It Baby Blanket

About this time (June of 2006), I found out that my cousin was having a baby. So, I searched through my craft room, and found lots of thick, chunky yarn. I decided to design a baby blanket, using all those yarns.

I cast on, and started making color changes. I really liked the way it felt, with the different types of yarn. I figured that a baby would really enjoy touching it. So I named it the "Gotta Touch It" Baby Blanket.

Gotta Touch It Baby Blanket - Getting Started

Gotta Touch It Baby Blanket - A Little Further

Gotta Touch It Baby Blanket, No Border Yet

"Gotta Touch It" Baby Blanket

Gotta Touch It Baby Blanket - Border Edge

Here's a link to the pattern:

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