Sunday, May 27, 2007

Knitting a Christening Gown

When I was asked to make a Christening gown for display at my cousin's yarn shop, I was a little intimidated, but decided to give it a shot.

I searched through all my patterns, and finally decided to use this free pattern:

The beginning wasn't too bad, but I sometimes had a very hard time understanding her directions.
christening gown in process

When I finished the first sleeve, I felt much better about the design.
Christening Gown Sleeve

After finishing both sleeves, I tried it on a full-size baby doll, and it looked pretty good!
Christening Gown Bodice Complete

Even the buttonholes in the back didn't look bad, and they were my VERY FIRST buttonholes.
Christening Gown Back Buttonholes

When I got to the skirt section, however, the pattern was incorrect. The number of stitches she said to pick up just would not work with the lace pattern she selected for the skirt. So, I searched in my knitting design books and found a different lace pattern.
Christening Gown Lace Skirt

The further along I went, the better it looked:
Christening Gown Progress

When the skirt was finished, I was amazed! But, the skirt was VERY revealing.
Christening Gown

I added some pretty buttons, and it looked so pretty!
Buttons added to Christening Gown

Since I was worried about the openness of the skirt, I added a simple lining, by sewing in some satin fabric by hand.
Sewing in Lining for Christening Gown

Finally, the Christening Gown was complete!!
Christening Gown with Lining


sarah said...

i love the christening gown you made but i clicked on the website but it no longer exists. would you still have the instructions that you can share with me, or know where i can get it from?

Shandeh said...

Judy Lamb has removed her patterns from the web - apparently some of them have been bought by Leisure Arts and will be for sale eventually.

min-bee said...

Sarah and Shandeh, I just found out now--more than 4 years later--that Judy Lamb has a website with many free patterns, including several christening gowns. The one Shandeh knit is not among them, but there is a pattern for a blanket that uses the same lace pattern as the gown. It is at

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