Sunday, May 27, 2007

Bubble Bag

After the Christening Gown was complete, I was a happy knitter.

I felt energized, so I looked for a new pattern to make. I decided to make the "Bubble Bag" I found online for one of my piano students. Her favorite colors are green and blue.

I gathered together everything I would need for the bag
Bubble Bag

The knitting went very fast!
Bubble Bag with Fur
Bubble Bag before felting

After it was felted, it looked so cute!
bubble bag after felting
And my student really liked it!
Bubble Bag - Lia

Next, I decided to make a scarf for the Red Scarf Project, and it didn't take long at all.
Red Scarf Project
Red Scarf Project 2006

By this time, I had learned to spin yarn, so I wanted to make something with the wool I had spun. I chose to make a pillow. The yarn was overspun, so the knitting twisted. I ended up with an assymetrical pillow! But, it didn't look too bad.
Handspun Wool Pillow

I had finally finished the teal shawl:
Teal Shawl

It was October of 2006 by now, and my husband and I were planning on going away for our 5th wedding anniversary. We decided to stay in a cabin in the mountains, so I quickly knit some warm hats for us to wear. Here's one of them.
Thick Quick Hat

I also made some warm slipper socks for my hubby.
Blue Slipper Socks for My Husband

When we got back from our trip, my mother asked if I could make a hat and scarf set for one of her coworkers. I went ahead and started the scarf, because I knew that would be the easy part. I used Moda Dea Dream yarn in Winter White.
moda dea dream scrunchable scarf

I found a beret pattern at the yarn shop, and got started.
dream beret in progress

It looked so soft and dreamy when it was finished!
dream beret edge

dream beret no flash

I really liked the set when it was done.
beret and scarf moda dea dream

But, my mother said to add fringe.
beret and scarf moda dea dream fringe
(I hate fringe...but that's the breaks.)

Next, I made a Christmas stocking for my cousin's yarn shop.
Santa Stocking

Then, I made some slipper socks for my Grandma for Christmas.
Grandma's Slipper Socks

I decided to not knit anything else for Christmas 2006. I wanted to relax and enjoy the holiday, and took a break from knitting. It was nice! :)

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