Sunday, May 27, 2007

Learning New Techniques

Now, I was at the point in my knitting adventure that I was open to learning more new things.

I decided to try felting. So I made a Booga Bag. It wasn't hard at all!
Finished Booga Bag!

Having made one bag, I decided to try a different style this time. So I made a little lacy purse for one of my piano students, using some Berroco Cotton Twist.
Hand Knitted Lacy Summer Purse!

My knitting was getting better and better, so I decided to tackle socks! I looked in the knitting store, finding a good, simple book called "Learn to Knit Socks". It was great. I made two pairs of socks for me and my hubby, using sportweight yarn and size 6 dpns. (
Handknit Pink Socks
Marvin's Handknit Socks

After mastering socks, I pulled out some REAL sock yarn, and some tiny dpns, and learned how to make them too!
Striped Socks in Progress
Handknit Socks - Stripes
I Finished Knitting the Socks!

I even managed to get the stripes to match!
Matching Stripes on Handknit Socks

By this time, I felt like I was the "QUEEN OF THE WORLD" (tee-hee!)

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