Sunday, May 27, 2007

Making my First Sweater

After mastering socks, I felt like a "real" knitter for the first time. So, I figured it was time to make a sweater. I had gotten started making a thick sweater with some rust colored yarn earlier:
My Nice Thick Sweater in Progress

But, this was springtime, so I looked through my patterns, and decided to make a spring top I found in Knitter's Magazine (Spring 2005). So, I set aside the thick sweater and cast on for the spring top, using some cheap cotton yarn in my stash.
Cotton Knit Top

At the same time, I wanted to learn to make cables, so I started making an Irish Hiking Scarf.
Irish Hiking Scarf

Making the sweater took a lot of work. First I had to make all the parts, then I had to seam them together.
Hand Knitted Spring Cotton Top

I wanted something simple to work on, so I also cast on a triangle shawl, using some thick teal yarn I found at Hobby Lobby. It was a nice project to pick up when I didn't want to think so when I was watching TV.
Teal Shawl

Eventually, I finished the spring top, and I was SO PROUD!
Handknit Sweater Close-Up
Finished Handknit Saguaro Top!

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