Saturday, August 8, 2009

Getting lots of knitting done!

I've had a great day of knitting today. Finally, I'm getting some projects finished. It's funny that they are all being completed on the same day. :D

Last week, I started making a little Barbie dress, using a pattern called "Summer Sorbet Dress for Barbie". It was fun to make, using Bernat Baby yarn.
Handknitting a Barbie Dress

Handknitting a Barbie Dress 2

Blocking the hem with straight pins:
Barbie Dress Blocking Hem

And trying it on Barbie:
Handknit Barbie Dress on Barbie

And here's the wrap I've been working on for a couple years. I used some vintage wool pompadour yarn to make it.

I just finished seaming together the two parts today:
Wool Pompadour Wrap - Knitting Complete

Next, I got it wet, then spun it to dry in the washer. (Even as old as it is, it STILL smelled of sheep when it got wet.) Now, it's blocking. Hope it turns out well!
Wool Pompadour Wrap - Blocking

Wool Pompadour Wrap - Blocking Close-Up

Next, I grabbed a baby hat I've been making, and finished it up too. Amazing.
Ribbed Baby Hat - Baby Bee

I think I'll see what other unfinished projects I can find in my craft room. I'm on a ROLL!



AuburnChick said...

I am loving the Barbie outfit!! What a great fit! Congrats on the FO's!!

Connie said...

You've been a busy bee! I hope you get to come to KnitNuts next week, I want to see all of your recent FO's!

Shandeh said...

Thanks Nathalie and Connie! :)

Nathalie, the pattern for the Barbie dress is free online. But Geocities is closing down soon, so if you want the pattern, you'd better grab it quick!

Connie, I hope I can come to KnitNuts too. It's on my calendar! :D

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