Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Wonderful Day of Knitting and Yarn

Yesterday was an awesome day. I was busy all day long, meeting with friends about knitting projects.

To start off the day, I met with a young man that will soon be opening a new yarn shop in Charlotte. The shop has a website right now, but there's nothing to see yet. It's called "Yarnhouse". Cool name, and the owner is cool too. :D

We met at Amelie's French Bakery, which is also a cool place. I was afraid that I might not be "hip" enough to go there, but I felt very comfortable. They have amazing pastries and comforting beverages, and the atmosphere is eclectic and fresh. They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. So, they are ALWAYS open. ;) Nice to know that I can go there anytime I want. It's a great place to meet friends to knit, because there are so many nice places to have a seat and relax together. Wonderful!

Funny thing....when I first arrived at the location, I didn't know how to get into the bakery, because it just looked like a warehouse building to me. Little did I know that the entrance is actually on the SIDE. Ha! But, I was lucky to meet the owner of Amelie's, who was just coming out of the building from the warehouse-looking part. She let me in the back way, by unlocking the door with her key, and I was THERE! Very nice of her to help me find her shop.

Anyway, back to my original story. I enjoyed meeting Chris (the owner of the new yarn shop), and we immediately started talking about his new yarn shop. He is full of excitement and can see it in his eyes. I'm happy for him also. He asked me to knit some samples for his shop, and gave me the yarn to work with.

Queensland Kathmandu Chunky
Queensland Kathmandu Chunky


Silky Wool
Silky Wool

I looked on the internet last night, and chose patterns for each of the yarns.
The Kathmandu will become a "Cabled Hat of Awesomeness"
(you have to sign in to Ravelry to see that one)
The Hacho will be "Berryhill Fingerless Mitts"
(the free pattern is listed on the right side of the webpage)
And the Silky Wool will be "Saartjes Booties"
(the free pattern is on the right side of the webpage - in English and in Dutch)

I think those will be fun knits. :)

Back to my story again, because my day was not over yet!

When I left Amelie's, I said goodbye to Chris, and headed over to Brodt Music to buy some music for one of my piano students. Then, I taught one lesson to a new student. She's a sweetie!

After the piano lesson, I went to Barnes & Noble in the Arboretum to meet with a nice lady that has asked me to knit some Christmas stockings for her. I have found the free pattern online before, and have always wanted to try making it. So, it's nice to get the opportunity! It's a vintage pattern from 1945.

She has asked me to make three of them, so I'll get lots of experience with it! It will be a fun project too. She has paid me to make them, so it's actually a "commission". Nice to make some money for my knitting. :D

When I left that meeting, I drove over to Books a Million in Cotswold, to see the ladies that meet there every Wednesday night for a knit night. I wanted to show my completed blanket to the nice lady that donated wool squares to me for my charity knitting. I had used those squares to make a wool baby blanket for the Afghans for Afghans project. She loved it!
Blanket with Friend who Donated Knitted Squares

So, you see, it was a long day, filled with lots of fun knitting and yarn....just like I promised.

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Tracie said...

You are a very busy woman! But is looks like a fun day. I am jealous!

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