Thursday, August 9, 2007

As usual....Knitting and Buying Yarn

Just another day in the life of Shandeh.....

Yesterday, I started another Oddball Shawl for the Knitting Help Forum members to work on. We're calling this one the "Magic Shawl". I used size 10 needles, and Lion Brand Moonlight Mohair in the color "Northern Lights".
Magic Shawl

And I can't believe I forgot to mention this soft, silky yarn I found at Michaels the other day, when I was hanging out with lissalue from the forum. It's called "Bernat Satin Sport", and I couldn't keep my hands off of it. So, I picked my favorite color, and bought all 4 skeins that were on display. The color is called "Meadow". I love it!
Bernat Satin Sport

And here is yet more yarn for my never-ending stash. I found these two skeins of Lorna's Laces on eBay for a great price. The color is "Tahoe".
Lornas Laces


Rennagayle said...

I'll be curious to know how the Bernat Satin knits up. I've never knit with it before.

Congrats on the Lorna's Laces buy. I'm trying not to be green with envy. ;-)

unkoine said...

I'm curious too. I'm trying to decide which pattern to use.

And don't be green with envy. Just watch eBay like I did, and you're SURE to find a good deal too.

Good luck!

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