Sunday, August 19, 2007

Remodeling my Craft Room

I haven't written much lately, because I've been super busy remodeling my craft room.

If you remember, a few years ago, I made my first craft room:
My Dreamy New Craft Room
Another View of My Craft Room

It was a wonderful, dreamy place to be. But, we had a small problem. We were paying 100 dollars a month to store boxes of junk in a storage building. I decided to move to a smaller room of the house, so we could bring all those boxes of junk home, and save a hundred dollars each month.

So, I moved into a smaller room:
My New Craft Room - the only wall with a window
Bookshelf in My New Craft Room
Craft Room Entrance
Yarn Storage Bins in My Craft Room

Well, I soon realized that there was not enough room for me and all my crafting pursuits in that tiny room. The only thing I had room to do was knit. I had to do my sewing on the kitchen table, and all my spinning in the living room.

So, I decided to let my hubby use the small room as his cave. We painted the walls beige, and he moved in. It is a perfect fit:
Computer and TV in Hubby's Cave
Behind Desk in Hubby's Cave
Marvin watching The Godfather

So now, all my craft stuff had taken over the living room:
Craft Stuff in Living Room

And I had the insurmountable task of going through all the boxes of junk in my future craft room:
Junk in Craft Room

The first thing I did was to make room for my rocking chair, so I could at least knit in there occasionally. Then, I started going through boxes of junk one at a time, taking things to Goodwill, and throwing some things away. I was finally beginning to make the task a bit more manageable. At least the boxes weren't all the way to the ceiling anymore:
Working on Boxes

This past week, I was finally able to see the floor in there again!
I Can See the Floor!

But, my poor hubby is suffering a bit, because we are taking the boxes into his cave to work on them together.
Marvin's Cave is Getting CRAMPED

Today, he helped me get a lot more boxes out, and it looks even better!
Lots of Boxes Gone

I want to go ahead and clear out the room, because I want to take up the carpet, and put down some vinyl floor tiles I found at Lowe's for a good price. I want to lay them down diagonally like this:
Floor Tiles - Option 2

I also found a wallpaper border that I want to put all around the room, where the peach and pink paint meet:
Wall Colors

I wonder if we will EVER finish this project?

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