Thursday, August 2, 2007

More Oddball Projects

Our Oddball Projects in the Knitting Help Forum are still going strong.

Recently, I worked again on the "Pretty Purples" Oddball Shawl, adding more white Moda Dea Dream and some pink cashmere yarn.
Pretty Purples after Shandeh

Last night, I added more knitting to one of our Oddball Baby Blankets, using Bernat Cotton Tots. So soft!
Baby Blanket with Pattern

Our 4th Oddball Blanket was lost in the mail, so I'm starting it over again, using some vintage variegated yarn from my stash, and some size 10 circular needles.
Oddball Blanket #4 - New Beginning

Also, we've started making Oddball Lapghans for ourselves in North Carolina. It's an entirely selfish project this time. Each of us will choose the colors and design for our lapghan, then cast on and knit for 4 inches, then exchange it for someone else's lapghan. We will continue trading them until they are long enough, then we will each keep the one we started.

I've chosen Autumn shades of Lion Brand Wool-Ease, with a chevron pattern. I think I'm gonna like it! I just got started casting on last night.
Shandeh Personal Lapghan

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